2014 Winter Solistic and Christmas Party

On Dec. 21, 2014, Yee Fung Toy of NE celebrated the Winter Solstice with it annual ‘Tong Yue’ feast. Members of the Women Group arrived early in the morning at the association preparing the food. Soup were boiled, flours were mixed and rolled into balls or ‘tong yue’. Over 40 members were packed into the association at noon time to taste and consume the home make tong yue boiled in the tasty chicken soup along with other ingredients such as mushrooms, Chinese sausages, and vegetables. I don’t believe there were any left overs.

At 2 o’clock, Yee Fung Toy held its annual Christmas Party for the members children and grandchildren. Again the Women Group did a fantastic job decorating and setting up the room, preparing children activities, and getting each child a gift. There were Christmas caroling, storytelling and finally the arrival of pizzas. (Santa Claus delivered??) All in all, It was a joyful, fun filled, full stomach Christmas Party enjoyed by both adults and children.

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